About Customer Path

Customer Path is a web design and digital promotions agency specialising in online marketing and advertising for local, regional businesses

Customer Path

Customer Path is a marketing agency specialising in online marketing and advertising. We are based in Nambucca Heads, NSW.

We help Trades People, Clubs and Regional Businesses grow by providing proven online strategies that connect businesses and organisations with new and existing customers online using the latest digital technologies.

We focus on the pre-sale stage customers often go through before they decide which business to give their hard earned cash to. No matter what size your organisation is or what it provides; customers have pre-sale questions they need answered and they often go online to get those answers.

Most of your competition ignores these self-educating customers, and this is where the opportunity lies for us to work with you and your business. By answering enough of your customers pre-sale questions—online—you stand a better chance than your competition of getting the business.


Ian Mackenzie is the Owner/Operator of Customer Path.

Ian's first business operated successfully for over a decade with several large e-commerce websites he initially developed himself.

Ian pioneered e-commerce in several markets and serviced thousands of small businesses, corporations and government bodies throughout Australia selling a wide variety of products.

Working from home in Nambucca Heads, a town of fewer than 10,000 people on the Mid North Coast of Australia, he learnt the art of doing business online. In the process, Ian has developed knowledge and skills to help other business owners to build their own online success stories.

Let's Work Together

We approach each new project with fresh thinking to provide you with solutions tailored to your business needs. Get in touch and send some basic info about your project so we can begin to explore the options.