Digital Products

It’s not about the website, the Facebook page or any other digital asset you may have. It’s what these income producing assets can do for your customers and your business.

Go Digital To Reach New Customers and Do More Business With Your Existing Customers

Stand out from the pack

Competition can be fierce. It pays to be different and a website showcasing your product/service and providing up-to-date information and customer reviews is something many of your competitors won't or can't do.

Answer your customers pre-sale and service questions online

Your potential and existing customers have questions about your product or service. More and more these people are looking for the answers online. They prefer to message than make a phone call. Make it easy for these customers; provide this information—online. The benefit of doing this also reduces the time business owners spend on the phone repeating answers to common questions.

Going digital gives your business a shareable identity

People love telling their friends, family and colleagues about great services and products they've purchased. This is done now at the click of a button and spreads over multiple networks of people. If you want to get the word out there; social media is a big help once you go digital.

Attract new customers

People often search the Internet to research the product or service they want. If you have an online presence; even a small footprint gives your potential customers something to sink their teeth into. These self educating customers want valuable and relevant information; why not give it to them?

Make it easier for your existing customers to do business with you

Remind your customers about appointments or bookings—automatically. Give your customers the ability to contact you; order your product or make a booking without having to make a phone call. Add them to a Newsletter list and build your subscribers. This makes a difference to your business and your customers as your business becomes more efficient.

The first step in establishing your digital presence is to build the assets

Our Digital Products

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1 Page Website

We provide starter packages and one page websites that won't break the bank although they can make a difference to how you deliver business and communicate with customers. Our website products are optimised to work on multiple screen sizes and devices.

1 Page Website - $490

  • 5 Different Sections, professionally designed
  • We also help you to write and structure the content
  • Hero - Intro Section
  • Product or Service Section
  • About Section - Team or relevant business info
  • Contact & Maps Section with Contact Form
  • Display Google and other reviews you approve of

E-Commerce Website

We have over 15 years experience with E-Commerce. We recommend and use WordPress and WooCommerce. Not only can we help you with building your shop but we can also help you with a marketing and sales strategy to get your shop earning income as soon as possible.

From $3600 for up to 50 products

  • Website and Shop Design and Setup.
  • Payment Gateway Setup and Connection.
  • Basic SEO for each page.
  • Initial Sales and Marketing Strategy Session.
  • Integration of accounting packages and other 3rd party apps (POA)

Google & Apple Maps

Google Maps and Apple Maps are industry standards for digital navigation. What many business owners don't know is how to leverage the power of this technology for greater exposure in local markets. The power of this technology goes way beyond simple map listings.

Maps Pages - $260

  • Claim your listing from Google and Apple
  • Help you write your business description
  • Add your business details
  • Help you create your first 3 posts
  • Add your logo and 3 images you own or have the rights to publish
  • Enter up to 3 services or products and show you how to enter you own and use the Apple or Android App.

Newsletter Setup

Imagine you'v been in business for three years or more and collecting emails all that time. How many email subscribers would have on your list now? And imagine every time you sent a message to that list you have the potential to make money. Imagine no more. We'll help you setup your list so your business can experience the power of Email Marketing.

Setup - $220

  • MailChimp Setup and Optimisation
  • Newsletter Design
  • Help you write your first Newsletter
  • Add any existing customers to your list in MailChimp
  • Setup one Automation

5 Page Website

Need more than one page? This product will give you up to five pages with 3 sections on each page. More Pages and sections can be added (POA). Websites we create use the WordPress platform, which powers 30% of all the websites on the Net.

5 Page Website - $1100

  • 5 Pages
  • 3 Sections Per Page
  • We help you write and structure the content
  • Choice of other 50 section templates
  • 1 Template Designed for a specialised purpose
    ie (Menus, Events, Bookings etc)

Website Hosting

Do you already have a website? Are you happy with the service? Price? Is your site automatically backed up and scanned for Malware—daily? Is your existing service reliable. We offer all these features and much and we offer a reliable service at a great price.

Most Websites - $30 p/m

  • Daily Backups.
  • Scanned Daily for Malware.
  • Weekly security audit and updates.
  • Comes with basic statistics package.

Facebook Pages

Need help to create your Facebook Page. Did you know you can set up a shop on Facebook? You can also use Facebook to build a customer or subscriber list, promote events and use Messenger to respond to frequently asked Questions—automatically.

Setup - $260

  • Basic Profile Image.
  • Facebook Cover Image.
  • Story and business description.
  • Setup 3 tabs i.e. (Events, About, Reviews).
  • We'll help you write your first three posts.

Writing Services

Everything comes down to content; words, images, software, etc. From Facebook pages to web pages, product or service descriptions. After you answer a few questions, we will write the content for you;  saving you the time and the headaches.


$65 Hour

  • Facebook Business Page Sections
  • Story and Page Descriptions
  • Business Descriptions
  • Events
  • Product and Service Descriptions
  • Automated messenger responses
  • Facebook, Instagram and WordPress Posts
  • Brochures and other marketing materials

Online ID Starter Packages

Once your business has an online identity, new and existing customers will be able to find and engage with your business—online.

Begin future-proofing your business today

ID Package


  • One Page Website
  • You can add more pages
  • Google Business Page
    & Map Listing
  • + Customer Care Package
    $30.00 Per Month

Web & Social
ID Package


  • One Page Website
  • You can add more pages
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Google Business Page
    & Map Listing
  • + Customer Care Package
    $30.00 Per Month

Web & Social +
Email and Search


  • 5 Page Website
  • You can add more pages
  • Facebook Business Page
  • Google Business Page
    & Map Listing
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email Marketing Setup
  • + Customer Care Package
    $30.00 Per Month

E-Commerce & Other Specialised Websites

We have over ten years experience developing and operating e-commerce businesses. We can help you avoid the pitfalls and maximise the opportunities.

We also create websites with specialised features to suit your business or organisation:

  • Menus for Restaurants and Cafes & Clubs
  • Websites with booking and reminder features
  • Events & Training Websites

Contact us to organise a free consultation to discuss your requirements.

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