Digital Products

It’s not about the website, the Facebook page or any other digital asset you may have. It comes down to how they work together to provide your customers and your business with value.


Competition can be fierce. It pays to be different. Using a website to explain your products and services and to provide up-to-date information is something many of your competitors can't or won't do.

With all this information available at our fingertips, can you imagine wanting less information on something you want to buy? We all research products and services we want. Sell how you buy; and provide this information to your customers—they're looking for it.

People love telling their friends, family and colleagues about great services and products. You can now do this at the click of a button and these recommendations spread over larger networks of people far quicker than they every did with conventional media. Don't make it difficult for your customers to share the good word about your business on-line. Work with us today to create your businesses digital identity.

With a website you can remind your customers about appointments and bookings—automatically. Your website gives customers the ability to contact you; order your product and make a booking without having to make a phone call. Add people to your Newsletter and build your email list. It will surprise you how effective these technologies can be.

It All Starts With A Digital Identity

Not everyone likes, or uses Facebook. An effective digital identity won't force your customer to contact you using Facebook only. That's not how people use the Internet to engage with a product or service these days. They use multiple channels, including Google, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, online directories and industry websites, just to name a few.

"An Effective Digital Identity won't force your customer to only contact you in one specific way (Facebook only)"

Ian Mackenzie

Integrated Web Site and Promotion Packages

The packages below don't offer just one solution, but a number of solutions that target multiple channels, all with a website as the hub of these channels

1 Page and Multi-Page websites have 3 tiers of pricing and include promotional packages focussed on getting more customers for your business.

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1 Page

From $590

  • Your website is,
    your digital home.
  • Display Your
    Customer Reviews
  • Take bookings and enquiries
  • Sell Products and Services
  • Be found on local Google search
  • Add your website to your adverts & marketing materials
  • 3 Levels of Pricing


From $1190

  • This package includes all the features of the
    1 Page Website Package +
  • Multi-page sites allow you to target more towns and services
  • More pages, more content, more exposure
  • Add an FAQ Page
  • More content above the fold
  • Intelligent data reporting
  • Add specialised pages
  • 3 Levels of Pricing


From $1900

  • All the functionality of our multi-page product but with transactional ability.
  • Sell physical and digital products
  • Cash in on the growth of e-commerce
  • Sell 24/7 and reach more customers
  • E-Commerce is relativity low cost
  • Sell to more customers
  • Your customers are time poor
  • Combine your physical store with your e-store
  • Place a buy button on your adverts

Let's Work Together

We approach each new project with fresh thinking to provide you with solutions tailored to your business needs. Get in touch and send some basic info about your project so we can explore the options.