Digital Promotions

Digital Promotions are very flexible. Change the budget and the content of a digital promotion anytime. Scale it up or down, or stop your campaign completely with a few mouse clicks.

The Best Promotions Require The Best Strategies

Your customers path in the digital world seldom travels in one straight line. Our Marketing Hub strategy connects your business with people in a variety of ways using a variety of channels and methods. This makes the Marketing Hub ideal for digital promotions, and like all good promotional strategies; we track every aspect to make sure you know what’s working and what isn’t?

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The Marketing Hub

At the heart of our promotional strategy is what we call: The Marketing Hub and at the centre of the hub is your website. Connected directly or indirectly are the sales and communication channels people use to engage with your product or service.

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Maps & Mobile Marketing

Google and Apple Maps have become the norm for most mobile users. For this reason, we believe Maps Marketing is now essential for most businesses. We'll help you to take advantage of this technology.

Social Media

Facebook and other social media channels give your business the ability to engage with new and existing customers. Get feedback, increase sales, and gain exposure with wider networks of people.

Industry Websites & Publications

Every business has their own network of industry websites and publications they can leverage. Industry websites can give your own website authority in surprising ways.

Google Search & Advertising

Inbound is the new word for digital marketing. It describes how people proactively seek the products and services they want—online.  Both free and paid search are at the forefront of inbound and are a very important part of the mix.

Video Marketing & Photography

A picture can paint a thousand words but a video can paint them a thousand times faster. Imagery helps to sell your products and services. Knowing when and how to use this media is invaluable to your business. We'll show you.

Email Marketing

Imagine you've been operating your business for the last five years and collecting your customers emails. Imagine how many people are now on your email list? Now you can contact many people at the click of a button and every time you push that button you have a good chance of getting more work.

It's an easy decision—it works, and it's never too late to start.

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