Digital Tracking

Find out what works and what doesn’t? Track, test and improve. These are the hallmarks of digital marketing and why so many are integrating digital into their businesses.

Tracking, testing and improving all starts with a series of questions

The performance of a website is not obvious. We always recommend adding an analytics package to your website; like Google Analytics. In this package you set goals such as; bookings, sales, enquiries. Goals update automatically each time there is a successful goal conversion. Tracking this way ensures you don't get bogged down with the statistics; instead you check how many of your goals are met over a selected period.

Getting Facebook likes is one thing; but the monetary value your Facebook page delivers is more important. Has your Facebook page influenced any buying decisions from your customers? Do you know what influenced them the most? Setting up a Facebook page and a Facebook Pixel to work with other digital assets can give you these answers and a lot more. We'll show you how.

We can have a discussion on the pros and cons of digital advertising, but only one thing will tell you if it will work; testing. With digital, you can test your assumptions and get the answers. Not only can you find out what works and what doesn't, you can improve on what works and make it even better.

Test to establish what works and what doesn't

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half.

John Wanamaker

With traditional style advertising such as newspapers and printed materials, failure often sends a shiver down your spine. You know there will be a heavy cost in both time and money.

Digital is different. We track and test a web page, Facebook or Google advert or even one heading against another. Being able to track almost any digital element provides you with information you didn't have before.

With digital, 'test' and test often, but know what you are testing for.

We can help you do just that.

Goal: 5 Enquiries


Actual Enquiries

It's no good testing unless you know what you are testing for. Do you want more enquiries, more bookings or more sales. Setting goals in digital media will show you how your digital assets are performing. Monthly reports will be provided for your evaluation and to share with your partners or colleagues.

Goal: 10 Bookings



You would not put up with a lazy employee so why put up with a lazy digital asset. Unless you are tracking your digital assets such as: Google or Facebook advertising, email campaigns, website, Google Maps, social media and any other connections or channels; you won't know if they are working or not?

Goal: 10 Sales


Exceeded Sales Budget

Setting up analytics and tracking sounds geeky, and it is. But it's the only way to deploy a digital marketing strategy that brings in business. You learn so much from the data; if you are looking. You find opportunities your competition does not know exists—yet. But unless you track and look, you will never know.

Use Insights gained from your data to improve your promotional efforts and results

Everything on the Internet is content: software, product or service descriptions, booking forms, etc. The data will provide you with insights into how people are behaving towards your content. The data can also help you identify opportunities worth targeting such as: locations, both physical and digital, customer interests and behaviour and product/service related info.


There's a good reason for Facebook's success. This is just a small sampling of what you can track on the Facebook Advertising Platform:

  • You can track location, demographics, interests, behaviour and connections.
  • Tracking allows you to target people on Facebook you already have a relationship with, people who may have visited your website for instance.
  • Remarketing allows you to show adverts to people who may have visited your Facebook page or website in the past.



Tracking an advertising campaign yields results above and beyond anything you can do with conventional advertising:

  • Find search terms related to the product or service you offer before you advertise.
  • You can see what your audience has searched for to arrive at your website.
  • Only show your adverts to people that are actively searching for your product or service.
  • Find out how many people clicked on your advert and what they did after that?
  • And much, much more!

Email Marketing

If you've been sending emails to your customer base using an email client like outlook you are missing on one of the most important aspects of email marketing, things like:

The list on the right is just a tiny sample of what you can do with a proper email marketing package.

  • Who opens your emails and who doesn't.
  • Which of your links within your email did the receiver click on?
  • Was your email forwarded to anyone else?
  • From all the emails sent, what percentage of recipients opened their message?
  • Did you get any hard bounces? This can point to out-of-date email accounts.

Continue Making Improvements


And the winner is? B

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A/B Split Testing

Continued improvement sounds like a hassle and a lot of work doesn't it?

Automation to the rescue. With split testing you can virtually and automatically compare two of almost any digital element:

  • One advert compared to another
  • One heading compared to another
  • One paragraph or image compared to another

Testing this way is the standard in digital because it works to keep improving your advertising.

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