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One thing that is probably not on your signage, but it should be; is a website

7 out of 10 Vehicle or Premises Signs Don’t Include a Website

Most vehicles or premises have the space to add a website. It’s a simple add-on that works.

The Problem

The Internet has changed buyers behaviour. What used to be a minor, like making a phone call, is now a major. Phone calls seem be the last resort for communication these days. People use their smart phones a lot; but not for making phone calls. They use them to communicate—silently, sending text messages, messenger, email, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

I did a mini-poll of a few people I know, and I asked them this.

“If you needed a plumber, electrician or some other trades person and one past you on the road and they had a phone number and website on their vehicle, what would you go to first? The website, or the phone number?”

Mini Poll Results

6 out of 10 people said they would visit the website first.

When I asked why, these people went onto say, calling a tradesman does not seem to work that often. Why, I asked? Well, you call and the phone doesn’t get answered, or the tradie doesn’t call you back, anyway.

You often can’t get someone on the phone

When someone calls, you may be:

  • Busy doing a job
  • Talking to someone, or driving.
  • Busy and forget to call the person back.
  • Finished work for the day and don’t feel like taking another call.

Fair enough but, I understand all the points above but this still leaves a problem for the caller. If they haven’t been able to talk to you, they’ll keep calling others until they get hold of someone—because until they do their problem isn’t solved. If they could send you a message on your phone, then at least they’ve made contact. But there’s a problem here, too.

If you only advertise your phone number on your signage and your mobile, most people will forget it soon after seeing it. The customer quickly sees a vehicle or premises as they drive past, and then they forget the number within seconds. As this article points out, numbers are one of the most difficult things to remember.

If the person remembers your name, they may try to Google you and if they can’t find you there; they may find your competition. If you had a website on your signage, they can go straight there which leads us to the solution.


How do you do this? You need a website and it does not have to be an expensive exercise, and it does not have to be pages and pages of information. It can just be one page of the most vital information they need to book your service. Even a 1 page website is better than no pages, and it gives you a website address (www.yourbusinessname.com.au).

It’s not how much information you put on your website; it’s displaying information that helps your potential customer to do business with you. When they visit your website, make sure they get the vital contact info they need, and see your customer reviews—this is the clincher. You can’t do that on a phone call. If you don’t have any or many reviews yet, we can help with a system that’s simple for you and your customer to use.

Once you have your website, add it to your signage, but don’t make the same mistake most do. Don’t add a tiny line of text for your website address. Tiny doesn’t work for signage.

Instead, just have Your Business Name .com.au inline or underneath each other, then your phone number. With websites we provide people don’t have to type in the www. All they have to do is remember your name with the .com.au on the end.


With this strategy, you cover all the bases and you address the way people go about contacting businesses in the digital world we all now live in.

Need a website?

See a demo here of a 1 page website: 1pageimpact.com.au and see the pricing here.

If you feel you have more services to offer and need more than one page, view a multi-page website we put together for one of our long-term customers, A Class Decks & Pergolas and view the pricing for Multi-Page websites here.

All of our packages include a Google listing, so people will find your business when they look you up on Google.

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