Digital Promotions

Digital promotions should be flexible and adaptable. Our Local Hub Method enables you to scale up or down, change and adapt at any time.

Local Hub Method

It's the way people buy

Your customers path in the digital world seldom travels on one path. Our Local Hub Method connects your business with people in a variety of ways, using a range of digital channels and connections.

This makes the Local Hub Method an ideal promotional strategy for digital, and like all good promotional strategies; we track every aspect to make sure you know what’s working and what isn’t?

Your website is the hub

Your Website Connects to Everything

  • Your website is the only web asset you truly own.
  • Your website connects to most other web properties or channels.
  • It will convert more visitors to customers than a social media channel will, and it's why most marketers will tell you; you need a website.
  • Your website is like the swiss army knife of your web assets. There is not much it can't do.
  • All your connections in one place; makes it easy for your customers.
Google and Apple Maps

Your Business On the Map, Or Should we Say Maps

  • Map listings are the foundation of your online identity for local, regional businesses.
  • Your Business listed on Google and Google Maps.
  • Your Business listed on Apple Maps.
  • Not just maps; but online listings that make it easier for your business to be found.
  • Phone, website and message connections.
  • Customer Reviews make this service much more effective.
  • Done properly, this works and we know how to make it work.

Contact us today if you would like to get better results from your maps listings?

Facebook and Other Social Media Channels

Facebook and Other Social Media Channels

Let's face it, pardon the pun, there are many, many people using social media and where you find crowds; there is business to be had. Roy Morgan's research found 80% of Australians visit Facebook in a four-week period. Other social media channels are catching up with massive growth rates such as, Instagram and Pinterest.

  • You can build good relationships with social media.
  • Because there are so many people using Facebook and other social media you can get decent exposure for your business.
  • You can try to get free exposure on Facebook, but you really need to advertise (pay money) to get true exposure in your local market.
  • It's critical you send the visitors (traffic) back to your website to convert them into enquiries, quotes, bookings and customers.
  • Social Media is great at getting eyeballs on your info, but it's built for distraction and that's why you need to send them back to a website to get your visitor to take focussed action.
Industry websites, publications and directories

Industry Websites, Publications and Directories

In any industry there are specific websites from companies, government and associations and directories that can lend credibility to your business and give you exposure in your trade or profession.

  • Local Directories can help your website rank in Google and send traffic back to your website.
  • You can usually connect your website to these third-party websites, and this also sends visitors your way.
  • Adding your website to these third-party websites also expands the information you can provide, at the click of a button.
Google Search Advertising

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of listing your content on Google, high enough in the search results to get noticed. This sends visitors back to your website, known as traffic. This is a medium to long-term strategy. It is easier to get good listings in regional areas, but it still takes time for a new site to secure those listings. Does it work? Yes, you can do very well from your SEO efforts. It works because you are showing your service/product information to people you know are interested; otherwise they would not be searching for this information.

Google Search Advertising

As explained in the SEO section above, search listings work because people are searching for specific information on their topic of choice. That's how we know they are interested. You don't browse on Google.

Search Advertising is like SEO without the wait for your listings to appear. Once the advert is complete, and the campaign is set up, it can be on Google at the click of a button.

Video Marketing and Photography

Video Marketing

YouTube – 15,000,000 Unique Australian Visitors per month. That's 60% of the population watching YouTube videos. YouTube only runs second to Facebook as the second highest performing social media channel, and it's grown 29% from four years ago. If a picture paints a thousand words, video paints them faster.

Stats from Roy Morgan

If you need help with video production, editing and promotion, or you just have some questions contact us today.


Yes, pictures do paint a thousand words. Images can convey concepts, skill and provide graphical descriptions of products. Pictures can also be used in a service based to convey a good reputation in many ways. We can advise you on the best way to use images for your business. Contact us today to find out how?

Email Marketing
Email Marketing Opens

Email Marketing

If you're still using standard software to send emails to larger groups, you are missing out on valuable tools that come with professional email marketing platforms.

  • How many received your emails?
  • How many clicked on links in your emails?
  • You can do quick surveys to get answers
  • Automate - resend emails to people who haven't opened the first email
  • Newsletter Templates
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Tag different groups to send different emails to

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