Digital Promotions

Digital promotions should be flexible and adaptable. Our Marketing Hub strategy enables you to scale up or down, change and adapt at any time.


The Marketing Hub

Your website at the centre of your businesses digital world

Your customers path in the digital world seldom travels on one path. Our Marketing Hub strategy connects your business with people in a variety of ways using a range of channels and methods. This makes the Marketing Hub an ideal promotional strategy for digital promotions, and like all good promotional strategies; we track every aspect to make sure you know what’s working and what isn’t?

Business is all about connections

From connections come opportunities for enquiries, sales and bookings. Promotion and cross promotion is a keystone of The Marketing Hub.

Tailored to your business

We connect your website to the sales and communication channels identified in our discussions with you as the right channels for your business.

We track everything

Together we will find out what works and what doesn't. It's just a matter of testing, tracking and improving.

How it works

The image below represents the primary or initial connections you can make with the hub. Connections that cater for the way people look for products and services these days. One person may use 3-6 of these channels to gather the info they need to help them decide which product to buy and from whom, and they often decide without communicating with the product or service provider.

Toggle the switch to view the cross promotional opportunities of the hub and you will see how powerful this strategy is.

Primary Hub Channels
Cross Promote Channels

These are not one way connections. In most cases, these channels feed in and out of each other, making their effectiveness even greater. Your hub won't be built overnight but as it grows so too will your presence and reach on the Net. In fact, this is another practical feature of this strategy. We can do the expansion of your hub one channel at a time, if you prefer.

Let's Work Together

We approach each new project with fresh thinking to provide you with solutions tailored to your business needs. Get in touch and send some basic info about your project so we can explore the options.