Multi-Page Websites
Make a greater impact!

More pages, more detail and more exposure in your market.

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  • Do You Have Products/Services that need a dedicated page?

    With a multi-page website you can have as many pages as you need. Specialised pages for galleries of images, food menus, event listings, individual landing pages for each advert or product/service, blog, FAQ, and customer support information.

  • Multi-page websites are more effective for advertising and search engines

    Sending people from your adverts or search engine listings to a landing page relevant to one specific product or service helps to keep your reader focussed on that product and as a result converts more visitors to customers.

  • More pages, more exposure

    The more pages you have, the more listings will appear in the search results in Google. Each page is like an advert and the more you have the more exposure and reach for your business.

Your website will be useable on all major screen sizes including, tablets and mobiles

We guarantee your website will be usable on mobile, tablet and computer screens. Your website visitors won't have to pinch or zoom to view your content.

We will deliver a professionally designed website you will be proud to share and promote

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  • Over 60 templates to choose from, or we design from scratch using your guiding idea.
  • Template colours, layout and text are changeable.
  • Choose up to 3 stock images to use on your website with any of our packages. If you need more (POA).
  • Mix and match between templates.
  • Each page can have up to 6 different sections/modules
  • Design—we're not happy until you are. If there are any designe issues we work with you to fix them.

Recommended Web Pages & Content

  • Home Page

    This page is necessary for every website and it is the launching pad to the rest of your website and includes, navigation, home page hero section, features and benefits, products and services and reviews.

  • About Page

    This is where you share information about yourself and your team; if you have one, and your business. It reinforces your business identity and experience and it’s essential for all business websites. We’ll help you write all the content.

  • Contact Page

    This is where we add your phone number, your email, social media channels and a web form so your website visitors can send you a message directly from your website. We can even add a map to direct visitors to your front door.

  • Product/Services Landing Pages

    We direct Google search listings, Facebook and Google Adverts, product/service summaries on your home page to a landing page dedicated to one product or service.  This is proven strategy to convert more visitors into customers and only available on multi-page websites.

  • Frequently Asked Questions Page

    One thing we recommend to service based businesses is an FAQ page. It helps your potential customer by quickly answering their questions and it works great for local search engine listings. 

  • Specialised Pages

    You may want a page for your food and drink menus, or support information pages for your customers so they can get more help information. You can even have password protected areas or a blog. Whatever you need, we can implement it for you. We can discuss the options with you.

What to Expect

  • Completed Multi-Page Website

    We are not happy until you are. If there is anything you want changed, just let us know and will be happy to accommodate your requirements. We offer a 100% satisfaction Guarantee. We make sure we work with you until you are happy with the final product.

  • We help you to create the content.

    Once you have agreed for us to move forward with creating your new website, we will arrange an appt with you, either in person, on the phone or on a video conference call to discuss your needs. You are also welcome at our home office, based just outside of Nambucca Heads at Hyland Park.

  • We stay in touch throughout the entire process

    We will send you continuous updates throughout the website creation process. As long as we have the information we need to fill in the sections of your website we should be able to finish within two to three weeks of receiving your deposit, depending on the complexity, of course. We will give you an estimated finish date.

  • Published and ready for action

    Your new website will be published online to your domain name (www.yourbusname.com.au) and ready for you to add to your signage, business cards, brochures and to share with your customers.

Multi-Page Website Packages

Each of the products below will give you options ranging from low cost, simple solutions to more extensive solutions that include; Google and Social Media advertising.

Hover over or tap the underlined items below for more info.

Local Search
(1 Town)

$1190 + $30 Per Month

  • Business Outcome for Local Search (1 Town)
  • Domain Name
    (Package Deal)
  • Customer Care Package
  • 5 Pages of Information, Home, About, Contact + 2 Other Pages
  • Designed using a template or from scratch
  • Be found on local Google search
  • Local SEO (1 Page for 1 Town)
  • Display Customer Reviews
  • Connect your social media channels
  • 30 Day Guarantee

Regional Search
(2 Towns) + Social

$1790 + $180 Per Month

  • Business Outcome for Regional Search (2 Towns) + Social
  • All the items in the Local Search Package +
  • Up to 10 Pages of Information
  • Advanced Optimisation of your Google My Business Listing
  • Advanced Reviews Plugin (Software) for Google and Facebook Reviews
  • Drive new sales by advertising your new website on Facebook
  • Help you setup your Facebook Advertising Account
  • We'll write the copy and design the Facebook advert for you
  • We add a Facebook Pixel to your website for advanced targeting
  • We send you monthly reports on your campaigns performance and discuss the results with you.

Regional Search
(3 Towns) + Social

$2590 + $240 Per Month

  • Business Outcome for Regional Search (3 Towns) + Social
  • All the items in the previous two packages +
  • Up to 15 Pages of Information with 3 Pages Targeting 3 different towns with local SEO.
  • Drive even more sales by advertising your business on Google
  • Help you to setup your Google Ads Manager account
  • Keyword research to find and target up to 6 search terms
  • Setup Google Analytics to track your Google Campaign
  • Write the copy and design your adverts
  • Split test the adverts to continue improving your campaign
  • Monthly reporting on your campaigns performance

The above monthly pricing is for Customer Care and Campaign Management and does not include your monthly advertising spend. You can start a campaign for as little as $50.00 per month, although we recommend $150 for each platform (Google, Facebook) per month to gain proper exposure and gather useful data on your campaigns. This will be discussed with you prior to your approval. There is no ongoing contract for these fees. Customer Care and Advertising packages can be cancelled at any time, with 30 day's notice.

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